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Identity Management Consulting

We believe identity management is as much about a business’s process as it is about technology. While identity management is centered on building a single common identity for every user, there is no one size fits all solution. Our identity management consultants work with you to design, build, and implement a solution that works for your organization. Our services include:


Empower your administrators by providing a single account management interface backed by a powerful synchronization engine.


Reduce help desk costs through Windows integrated and web-based self-service password reset tools.


Protect your IT systems with rule-based and policy-driven privileged account and access management.


Provide users with self-service account update and access requests coupled with automated approval workflows.


Expand your organization’s reach with federation to provide secure access to external networks.


Gain insight to improve your processes by leveraging in-depth system auditing and custom reporting tools.

Where is your organization?

“Starting From Scratch”

Are you looking to build an identity management solution from the ground up? Intellectix is the perfect partner to help you build a system that meets the needs of your organization. Rather than installing a product and adapting your business processes to match the technology, we will design and build a solution that meets your business’s needs.

“We Need Help”

Do you have an identity management solution in place that is not maintainable? Our experts will work with you to identify the problems, and come up with a solution that brings your solution back to green.

“Looking to Migrate”

Do you have an identity management strategy in place, but your solution is too expensive or hard to maintain? Intellectix has the expertise to help move your business to a single unified identity platform — helping to reduce costs, alleviate administrative burdens, and improve organizational efficiencies.

Our Process

At the core of our process is a set of guiding principles that represents years of experience delivering solutions to a variety of customers. These principles focus on one thing: Delivering a quality solution. Based on the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF), our process is designed to fit any organizational structure and focuses on aligning business and technology goals. Although the process is made up of common sense steps, they can be difficult to implement. Therefore, we’ve developed a set of best practices and a governance model to help achieve a successful deployment.


  • Develop a clear understanding of what is needed within context of project constraints.


  • Evolve the conceptual solution into tangible designs.


  • Build the various aspects of a solution in accordance with solution requirements.


  • Validate that solution meets stakeholder and user needs and expectations.


  • Integrate a solution successfully into production within designated environments.